Here are some answers to the questions we most frequently hear about racing...if we haven't answered your question here or anywhere else on the website, please feel free to contact us! 

What does "1-1-2" (or some other combination) mean on my moto sheet?

This gives you the number of riders that will transfer out of each of your three motos into the main event. In this instance, the first place finisher in the first moto will transfer directly to the main (1 rider). The first place finisher from the second moto will transfer to the main (1 rider). And the first and second place finishers in the third moto will transfer directly into the main (2 riders). The first number corresponds to how many riders transfer out of the first moto; the second number corresponds to how many riders transfer out of the second moto; the third number corresponds to how many riders transfer out of the third moto.

What does "1-1-combine 4" on my moto sheet mean?

This means that your class has a total of 9 riders in it. This means that the first place riders from the first and second motos will transfer directly into the main event from each of the two groups. For the third moto, the remaining riders who have not yet qualified from the two groups of riders will be COMBINED into a single moto of 5 riders. From that final moto, the top 4 finishers will transfer into the main.

I transferred to the main event, but there were no gate numbers for my main posted on the moto sheet. How do I know what gate I will have in my main?

The stager will tell you what gate you have. If you are unsure, ask the track official in the staging area when your main is called.

My moto sheet says "total points" where it usually has the transfer breakdown. What does this mean?

This means that your moto only has 3 riders. This is the ONLY instance when you will race all three of your motos, regardless of where you finish in each moto. This is also the ONLY instance when your moto will not have a main event. The three motos you race will ALL be counted to determine awards placement. Also, your third moto will be run during the main events rather than in the third set of motos.

There are no gate numbers for my third moto, but there are gate numbers in the "main event" column. What does this mean?

This means that your class has 3 riders. (see above answer)

How do I know how many awards are given for my moto?

The number of awards given for a class depends on the total number of riders in that class (not just your single moto) at the beginning of the night.  Awards may also vary depending on the type of event.  For example, single point Friday night events use the following award structure:

If your class had 3 riders,  1 trophy will be awarded.

If your class had 4 riders, 2 trophies will be awarded. 

If your class had 5 or more riders, 3 trophies will be awarded. 

Why do some riders have a single letter on their plate?

If there were duplicate plate numbers in a single moto, one of the duplicate numbered riders will receive a letter to place over their plate in staging – this rider’s number will also be replaced by the same letter on the moto sheet. (This letter assignment is for that event only – it can be removed once that event is over). This eliminates the problem duplicate numbers creates in scoring.

Will the mains be posted separate from the regular moto sheets?

The mains WILL NOT be posted separate from the regular moto sheets. It is important that you pay attention to the transfer system to know if you qualified for your main event. If your moto has a main event, your gate number for the main will either be posted on the original moto sheet or you will receive your main gate number when you are in staging for your main event.

This page was updated 10/9/2023.