The Massachusetts State Championship Series provides a platform on which racers can compete for a state champion title.  During each state championship race, racers come from all parts of Massachusetts seeking a place among the best in the state.  Not only do riders get to complete on a state-wide level, but they also get to rack up some district points that go towards their earned district number for the following year!!


For full details on this year's State Championship series including eligibility, classes, award structure, etc. please refer to your current USA BMX rulebook. (Online rulebook available at   

We would like to reiterate how important it is to keep tract of your state points throughout the entire season.  USA BMX does an excellent job at keeping you informed of your state points throughout the season and keeping tabs on all the riders involved in the series.  However, if you find any discrepancies in your state points, it is very important to address these issues directly with USA BMX IMMEDIATELY.  DO NOT wait until the day of the State Championship Final race to raise questions about your state points, as the points totals up to the SCF have been tabulated by USA BMX  and not by the track hosting the State Championship Final. 

State Championship Races

Each track in Massachusetts will hold their own State Championship Race (each of these races counts as a multi-point district points event).  For information on the racing locations and dates of the State Championship series in Massachusetts, please visit

State Championship Final
This will be the final race in the MA Championship series and will count as a triple points district event.  This race is one of the required elements needed to qualify for the state champion title.  The host track for the State Championship Final will be determined later in the season. 


As always, you will be expected to maintain a high order of sportsmanship at all times.  Inappropriate behavior may result in disqualification or suspension.  See your USA BMX rule book for more information.  



All other USA BMX rules apply to the state championship series as outlined in the rulebook.   The USA BMX rulebook will reside over any rule discrepancies.