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n-envy.jpg (41719 bytes) OK, so it was pretty cold in the morning...
n-finishline.jpg (40276 bytes) Love those finish line shots!
n-firstjump.jpg (19286 bytes) "Objects in the rear-view mirror are closer than they appear..."
n-firstjumpair.jpg (19254 bytes) Speed breeds air...
n-gate.jpg (42873 bytes) The moment of truth...
n-gate2.jpg (48469 bytes) The Pros get ready to see who's on top of their game...
n-gateperspective.jpg (66701 bytes) "Riders ready..."
n-gatepic.jpg (10951 bytes) "Good luck!"
n-gatestart.jpg (19786 bytes) A good gate start is a great tool!
n-green.jpg (14472 bytes) Looking good!
n-holiday.jpg (19066 bytes) Ditto!
n-lastcorner.jpg (19326 bytes) By the time the racers hit the last corner, their speed was on overdrive!
n-littlelady.jpg (25810 bytes) This little lady looks like she's chasing a "win!"
n-littleones.jpg (36181 bytes) The third straight was a favorite for offered a great view of the action on the track, as seen in this pic!
n-niceplate.jpg (19358 bytes) Nice plate!
n-overfirstjump.jpg (35031 bytes) Pedal power!
n-paradelap.jpg (21428 bytes) Great job on the parade lap!
n-paradelap2.jpg (25532 bytes)
n-powerhouses.jpg (44414 bytes) A surge of power and energy...
n-promoto.jpg (25694 bytes) The Pros really know how to mix it up - what a great moto to watch!
n-prorace.jpg (41113 bytes) And by the last corner, they really hadn't spread out that much!
n-prowaiting.jpg (27451 bytes) This Pro takes a breather before his moto...
n-redwhiteandblue.jpg (19250 bytes)
n-repeatjumping.jpg (33339 bytes) Keep the action coming!
n-rythym.jpg (58558 bytes) Heading into the rhythm section...
n-synchronizedbmx.jpg (29036 bytes) OK, I've heard of synchronized swimming, but synchronized BMX?!
n-team.jpg (34617 bytes) Teammates always stick together...
n-team2.jpg (30988 bytes)
n-toughcompetition.jpg (28874 bytes) These girls really know how to turn the heat up on their competition!
n-warwick.jpg (16423 bytes) This Pro gives a quick wave to the camera!
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