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award.jpg (71727 bytes) " that for me??"
award10.jpg (74755 bytes) Great job!
award11.jpg (69962 bytes) "Don't mind my staring!"
award12.jpg (63804 bytes) Let me take that trophy off your hands for you...
award2.jpg (41338 bytes) What a great season!
award3.jpg (81854 bytes) "And the winner is..."
award4.jpg (53464 bytes) Smiles abound.
award5.jpg (59367 bytes) "Let me give you a hug!"
award6.jpg (68090 bytes) And the awards continue!
award7.jpg (43331 bytes) "Let me check that out!!!"
award8.jpg (44935 bytes) "This is pretty cool!"
award9.jpg (87797 bytes) One of our young racers heads over to the raffle table. 
flippin'burgers.jpg (74050 bytes) Bring on the food!
iseeyou.jpg (86636 bytes) "I see you!"
kids.jpg (81104 bytes) The hungry crowd.
lookmom.jpg (80210 bytes) "Look what I got!"
people.jpg (78877 bytes) Relaxing with some friends. 
pickingticket.jpg (69847 bytes) "Is this the winning ticket?"
picturetable.jpg (76631 bytes) "Did you say my name?"
raffle.jpg (108363 bytes) Manning the raffle table.
trophy.jpg (80691 bytes) "Just a few more months and I'll be taller than my trophy!"
watching.jpg (86585 bytes)