pic2002-bobandal.jpg (10501 bytes) "Do you remember the time when...."
pic2002-daveh.jpg (34430 bytes) Nice shirt, Dave!
pic2002-gametime.jpg (54810 bytes) Let the football begin!
pic2002-keepaway.jpg (11465 bytes) Go Alicia!
pic2002-happy.jpg (23089 bytes) You are going to have to make room for another trophy!
pic2002-herbelovedhat.jpg (33011 bytes) Nice sweatshirt!
pic2002-nate2.jpg (18181 bytes) "How does this thing work??"
pic2002-howcani.jpg (25556 bytes) Bob is already thinking about how he can make his staging area more efficient for next year...
pic2002-jackie.jpg (16916 bytes) Ok, so you caught me eating instead of taking pictures!
pic2002-joeg.jpg (15568 bytes) Hey Joe, where's your microphone??
pic2002-justhangingaround.jpg (17283 bytes) "Am I adorable, or what?"
pic2002-justtalking.jpg (35466 bytes) Everyone seems to be having a great time!
pic2002-matt.jpg (21213 bytes) "I'm ready to race, just show me how to ride a bike!"
pic2002-mug.jpg (10863 bytes) Pretty spiffy mug! 
pic2002-talktothehand.jpg (27988 bytes) No pictures, please...no pictures...
pic2002-newduds.jpg (32025 bytes) And look guys, it even has a hood!
pic2002-newlyweds.jpg (28668 bytes) The newlyweds...
pic2002-thebike.jpg (30808 bytes) And the big prize of the day...
pic2002-bikedraw.jpg (24454 bytes) Bob Balise pulls the number for the long-awaited bike drawing...
pic2002-bikewinner.jpg (44826 bytes) "That's my number!!!!"
pic2002-ryan.jpg (44437 bytes) Ryan poses to show off his newly acquired treasure. 
pic2002-onehappykid.jpg (35183 bytes) "Can I go try it out on the track??!"
pic2002-rabbitears.jpg (21411 bytes) Digital camera: $800

Tickets to the picnic: $9

Making rabbit ears behind your brother: Priceless.

pic2002-nate3.jpg (24428 bytes) Have you seen my brother?  I heard he had a rabbit!!
pic2002-where'sal.jpg (33813 bytes) Come on up here, too, Al!
pic2002-thanks2you.jpg (36530 bytes) The volunteers presented the track operators Al and Sue with an award in appreciation for all they do for the Whip City BMX family and the sport of BMX. 
pic2002-thanks2.jpg (31327 bytes) ...May they always be reminded that their hard work and dedication will always be appreciated.
pic2002-thankstoyou.jpg (49389 bytes) (Click the picture to see the text on the plaque)
pic2002-al.jpg (18676 bytes)
pic2002-tractor.jpg (29331 bytes) And what would a day be without a ride on the good 'ole John Deere?
pic2002-trophywinners.jpg (41719 bytes)
pic2002-waittillnextyear.jpg (18374 bytes) Keep your eyes open for me next year...I'll be the one WITHOUT training wheels!
pic2002-waynelooking.jpg (29007 bytes) Wayne looks like he is eyeing up some of the items he may have missed at first glance...
pic2002-youcanrun.jpg (15550 bytes) You can run from the camera, but you can't hide!
pic2002-mikeclose.jpg (16011 bytes) And even though another year has gone by...
pic2002-anotheryearover.jpg (19735 bytes) ...we are already thinking about the next one. 

Updated 10/20/02

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