The following pictures were taken at the 2003 Race for Life at Whip City BMX.  
2003-rfl-oldschoolfans.jpg (48084 bytes) It sure was nice to see some familiar faces in the crowd from "back in the day!"
2003-rfl-fans.jpg (46059 bytes) Everyone was ready for a great day of racing!
2003-rfl-boys.jpg (39631 bytes) Including our two racers-in-training who were taking a break to stock up on some carbs.  
2003-rfl-closeone.jpg (47533 bytes) Zach's not about to give up!
2003-rfl-flames.jpg (59282 bytes) Let me at 'um!
2003-rfl-emt.jpg (49704 bytes) Get me back out on the track, please!
2003-rfl-dan.jpg (65572 bytes) Dan, Bob's already got a helper!
2003-rfl-firstcorner.jpg (27209 bytes) "Did you just hear something?"
2003-rfl-zach.jpg (60123 bytes) "Nice color bike you've got there!"
2003-rfl-bob.jpg (37764 bytes) And it's time for the rider's raffle!
2003-rfl-bike.jpg (52414 bytes) Part of the rider's raffle included this DK bike, donated by Balise Honda (who also donated many other items!).   
2003-rfl-firstaidkit.jpg (34515 bytes) ...Like this first aid kit!  Balise Honda also donated a luggage set and car trunk organizer.  
2003-rfl-bingo.jpg (47226 bytes) "Did someone call BINGO?"
2003-rfl-993.jpg (31704 bytes) The Radio station 99.3 FM also donated a number of items...T-Shirts, CDs, keychains....
2003-rfl-money.jpg (30631 bytes) And for the parents, there is always the hope of winning the 50/50 raffle...but you can't win if you don't play!!
2003-rfl-watchit.jpg (56132 bytes) "This is the winning ticket right here, I can feel it!"
2003-rfl-officialbusiness.jpg (32795 bytes) "This is official pictures, please."
2003-rfl-bikewinner2.jpg (52003 bytes) "I really won??!!"
2003-rfl-bikewinner.jpg (46508 bytes) Let's take this baby for a test drive!
2003-rfl-amberbritney.jpg (28610 bytes) Now, now....just because you didn't win the bike...
2003-rfl-angiendave.jpg (80208 bytes) "Dave, you were supposed to buy the winning ticket!!"
2003-rfl-bighigh5.jpg (25767 bytes) High-five, buddy!
2003-rfl-emts.jpg (30767 bytes) Our EMTs take a breather from the action on the track...
2003-rfl-gate.jpg (42176 bytes) And the racing goes on!
2003-rfl-jackie.jpg (32839 bytes) "Ok, you got me fair and square!"
2003-rfl-cameraman.jpg (19429 bytes) But what comes around, goes around!
2003-rfl-lexie.jpg (31790 bytes) "Let me get my bike and I'll show you a thing or two!"
2003-rfl-mike.jpg (41270 bytes) Mike, have you been trying out for the "Where's Waldo" books?
2003-rfl-scorers.jpg (51455 bytes) "Hey, watch were you swing that thing!"
2003-rfl-staging.jpg (53028 bytes) "Hey you have everything under control down there?" (What a silly question!)
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