(Click for larger image) The following pictures were taken during the weekend of the 2003 Redline Cup Qualifier (July 18-19) at Whip City BMX. 
rcpre-2003-187.jpg (40745 bytes) Just checking out the track, planning my attack!
rcpre-2003-alexis.jpg (59100 bytes) Don't disturb me, I am in the middle of winning a race!
rcpre-2003-angie.jpg (56447 bytes) Need a little sugar??!
rcpre-2003-bikevendor.jpg (69466 bytes) Who can beat that deal!!
rcpre-2003-gatedrop.jpg (78872 bytes) GO, GO, GO!
rcpre-2003-ladies.jpg (58286 bytes) Ladies, ladies...save it for the track!!
rcpre-2003-lastcorner.jpg (23598 bytes) Don't look back now!!
rcpre-2003-matt.jpg (56977 bytes) Whatchya doin'?
rcpre-2003-registration.jpg (38455 bytes) What moto am I in, Sue?
rcq-2003-1.jpg (33034 bytes) The most sought after number...
rcq-2003-air.jpg (34588 bytes) Wow!
rcq-2003-air3.jpg (29302 bytes) And again!
rcq-2003-alandbill.jpg (27929 bytes) A little old school...
rcq-2003-alicia.jpg (57390 bytes) I could do this stuff in my sleep!!
rcq-2003-amber.jpg (32262 bytes) Amber, the track is that way!
rcq-2003-amber2.jpg (27883 bytes) In case you were wondering what she looked like with her helmet off..
rcq-2003-bikewinner.jpg (44013 bytes) Don't you worry...I'll grow into it!
rcq-2003-blue.jpg (38811 bytes) One more turn!!
rcq-2003-brit.jpg (37234 bytes) Hey, where's your 50/50 apron??
rcq-2003-danandmatt.jpg (41671 bytes) We're ready for some racing!
rcq-2003-danmattwayne.jpg (49750 bytes) Gottcha again!
Updated 8/3/03