This page is devoted to the 2003 State Championship Final on September 20, 2003.  (There is an additional page with pics of the plate is below)
scf-2003-059.jpg (16525 bytes) The racers were pumped for an exciting day of competition....
scf-2003-825.jpg (49612 bytes)
scf-2003-865.jpg (20596 bytes)
scf-2003-air.jpg (30260 bytes) Some stylin' in the next four pics...
scf-2003-air2.jpg (36521 bytes)
scf-2003-air3.jpg (46631 bytes)
scf-2003-air4.jpg (49408 bytes)
scf-2003-alicia.jpg (31149 bytes) The day couldn't start without a parade lap!!
scf-2003-alicia2.jpg (37680 bytes) Neck and neck around the second corner!
scf-2003-amber.jpg (46682 bytes) When she's not doing sign-ups or announcing, Amber helps out in any way she can!
scf-2003-cresting.jpg (56768 bytes) After hurricane Isabel blew through the northeast, we had some repairs to do before the track was ready!
scf-2003-packing.jpg (38396 bytes)
scf-2003-gate.jpg (48211 bytes) And of course our riders had their own preparing to do!
scf-2003-lexie.jpg (29802 bytes) Don't worry...I'll be back next year on a bike!!
scf-2003-onefooter.jpg (15038 bytes) I meant to do that!
scf-2003-specialized.jpg (59622 bytes) This really came in handy when things on your bike just weren't right!
scf-2003-tiedie.jpg (24663 bytes) Nice shirt!
scf-2003-trophies.jpg (34241 bytes) Make room on your trophy shelf!
scf-2003-wheelie2.jpg (36708 bytes) Let's pop some wheelies!
scf-2003-wheelies.jpg (32032 bytes)
scf-2003-836.jpg (38673 bytes)
scf-2003-b-57.jpg (13007 bytes) All the way to the finish line!
scf-2003-b-867.jpg (12366 bytes)
scf-2003-b-tyler.jpg (11460 bytes) Tyler sets up for a great gate start,,,
Click here for the second page of pictures from the State Championship final, highlighting the plate awards!