(Click for larger image) The following pictures were taken on August 2nd at the State Championship Race. 
scr-2003-amber.jpg (81273 bytes) Race the boys?  No problem!
scr-2003-bob.jpg (36807 bytes) Bob, who's manning your station??
scr-2003-bob'sworkarea.jpg (71719 bytes) Where's stager Bob??
scr-2003-bryon.jpg (81249 bytes) Bryon Lewis of BLTs sets up for the gate drop.
scr-2003-crowd.jpg (41104 bytes) You never know where the camera may be!
scr-2003-dad.jpg (15736 bytes) Just like old times!
scr-2003-gambler.jpg (30831 bytes) You can't win if you don't play!
scr-2003-gate.jpg (21464 bytes) What a view from the gate!!
scr-2003-happy.jpg (49978 bytes) I've got my trophy!!
scr-2003-jenn.jpg (72880 bytes) We see you Jen!
scr-2003-look.jpg (34432 bytes) "When the green flag drops...
scr-2003-looks.jpg (36225 bytes) ...well, you know the rest!"
scr-2003-minn.jpg (51191 bytes) The Fountaine's from Minnesota were visiting family in the area and decided to pay a visit to our track!  We welcomed Sheina and Jim Fountaine, Grandpa Wally Herzig, and Jeremy "Hard Chargin" Fountaine to Whip City BMX.  Have a safe trip home and thanks for visiting our track!
scr-2003-rider.jpg (26945 bytes) Pedal power!
scr-2003-water.jpg (9607 bytes) On a hot day, be sure to stay well-hydrated...here, let me demonstrate...
scr-2003-yellow.jpg (15392 bytes) Way to go!
scr-2003-trophies.jpg (57422 bytes) The glimmer of gold...
scr-2003-trophy.jpg (65801 bytes) And after a great day of competition...
scr-2003-trophy10.jpg (59645 bytes) ...the riders collect a symbol of their triumph at the trophy table...
scr-2003-trophy2.jpg (58279 bytes)
scr-2003-trophy3.jpg (57041 bytes)
scr-2003-trophy4.jpg (54866 bytes)
scr-2003-trophy5.jpg (66305 bytes)
scr-2003-trophy6.jpg (74225 bytes)
scr-2003-trophy7.jpg (65035 bytes)
scr-2003-trophy8.jpg (82988 bytes)
scr-2003-trophy9.jpg (73419 bytes)
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