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  Here are some pictures from the 2004 State Championship Race at Whip City BMX, on July 22!
Some riders find time to pose for the camera, even on their bikes!
The rhythm section is like an old friend now!
Alicia's going so fast her hair can't keep up!
Everyone loves the rider's raffle!
This is some crazy air on the first jump!
Like I said, everyone loves the rider's raffle!
These riders are ripping it up during practice!
Just a little "Friendly" competition!
Now that's a wheelie!
Alicia pulls ahead in a wheelie!
Getting ready for the rhythm section....
requires a lot of concentration!
"Hey, where did you come from??"
Setting up for the last corner...
I think the rhythm section is Mike's favorite place for pictures!
Don't be shy!
A great day of racing gets even better with a fist full of cash from our 50-50 raffle!!