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Check out these pictures from the 2005 season ending picnic!!
All's quiet before the storm....
Now that's a happy camper!!!
Who's up for a good game of "Where's Waldo" with these next few pics.....
Debbie takes a break from her EMT duties on the track!
Same goes for Jenny!
Donna puts in for Mike and Joe's position as announcer....
Caution....Men at work...
Let the grilling begin!
Just hanging out!
We miss you Mick...
Pizza anyone?
Meanwhile, back in "Mantown..."
There's some good pickins' on the prize table!
Rock on, dude!
Soccer seems to have become an annual event at the picnic!
Was it something I said?
Back to the awards...
"Ticket, please!!"
What are you up to, Al?
If they paused long enough for a camera shot, here are our points winners.....
Awe, common mom!!
Until we meet again....