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Hi Smiley! (June, 2004)
Just taking a break from racing? (May, 2004)
7-25-03-zach.jpg (71711 bytes) Nice outfit, Zach!!  (7/25/03)
champ2002-2.jpg (33123 bytes) Everyone gathers for the championship awards at the State Championship Final (9/21/02)
champ2002-3.jpg (43218 bytes) Time to head home with my new State Champion Plates and Duffel Bag! (9/21/02)
champ2002-andrew.jpg (54729 bytes) "Hey 'come there are two plates??..."  (9/21/02)
champ2002-joegaulin.jpg (37280 bytes) " to hang on your wall to show off to your friends, and one to put on your bike..."  (9/21/02)
champ2002-trophies.jpg (37595 bytes) And something else to take home for the winners of the day! (9/21/02)
champ2002-loganandpayton.jpg (16259 bytes) The Payton brothers...two state champions in the same house!! (9/21/02)
champ2002-champions.jpg (43301 bytes) And here is the picture of all the 2002 Mass state champions...(9/21/02)
rfl-1stplace.jpg (51390 bytes) This trio of racers take time out for a team picture at the 2002 Race for Life.  Great job, racers!
readyforthemain.jpg (61129 bytes) Shane looks like he's ready to battle it out in the main!  (posted 8/2002)
state3-01-teampic.jpg (45659 bytes) The Whip City BMX team picture.  (posted 2001)
state3-01-adrian.jpg (33895 bytes) "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth..."  (posted 2001)
state2-01-canyoufindyourrider.jpg (59489 bytes) Can you pick yourself out of a crowd?  (posted 2001)
state2-01-whereswaldo.jpg (78552 bytes) How 'bout in this one?  (posted 2001)
gloveswork.jpg (114061 bytes) Don't worry...the glove is like a pillow.  (posted 8/2/01)
goodadvice.jpg (36117 bytes) Some good advice. (posted 8/2/01)
ingreen.jpg (112556 bytes) And the riders race even when they're not on a bike! (posted 8/2/01)
motoboard6-8.jpg (89329 bytes) These riders fend for good positions at the motoboard!  (posted 2001)
goodtime.jpg (64235 bytes) These racers know how to have a good time off the track!  (posted 2001)
icanpullyouaroundthetrack.jpg (63066 bytes) "Just hook me up to a bike!" (posted 2001)
bucklingup.jpg (104057 bytes) "Make sure I'm all buckled up!"  (posted 2001)
justtalking.jpg (98817 bytes) "The jump was this tall...really!!!"  (posted 2001)
staginglanes.jpg (105693 bytes) Our staging area is always filled with eager racers!  (posted 2001)
raceagain.jpg (103562 bytes) "When can I race again??!!" (posted 2001)
teampicture.jpg (83436 bytes) Team Custom Cycle at their home track.  (posted 2001)
girlracers.jpg (75135 bytes) Competitors on the of friends off the track...(posted 2001)
2riders.jpg (360825 bytes) Two brothers enjoy a moment off the track. (posted 2001)
riderportrait.jpg (217111 bytes) "Did you see that last race?!" (posted 2001)
2riders2.jpg (194490 bytes) Team members always stick together! (posted 2001)
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