This pictures are from June, 2004  
Excuse me, but do you mind if we take your picture? (June, 2004)
Let me is your favorite color? (June, 2004)
These riders check out the new rhythm section.  (June, 2004)
This is what we like to call "bunching..." (June, 2004)
Here is the same phenomenon...(June, 2004)
The new paved burms seem to be a success! (June, 2004)
Easy does it! (June, 2004)
This rider is so quick we couldn't snap the picture quick enough! (June, 2004)
These next two pictures really show a great gate sequence! (June, 2004)
Here are the little ones on the gate! (June, 2004)
Looks like blue is a very popular color! (June, 2004)
We thought the camera man was wearing his invisibility cloak...guess not! (June, 2004)
Back to the dirt! (June, 2004)
On a bike, they really don't seem this far apart! (June, 2004)
Just one of those great photo moments... (June, 2004)
(Updated July 1, 2004)  
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