The following pictures were taken on our Roadtrip to Old Colony BMX for the 2003 New England Nationals in June.  
2003-nenat-gate.jpg (49129 bytes) Does that sign look familiar to anyone?
2003-nenat-thestands.jpg (66220 bytes) The fans were ready to a great weekend of fun at the 2003 New England Nationals!!
2003-nenat-announcerstower.jpg (36866 bytes) And so were the announcers!
2003-nenat-camerashydave.jpg (65663 bytes) Dave, don't be camera shy!
2003-nenat-close.jpg (49277 bytes) Just off the gate and they are already battling it out!
2003-nenat-crestingthehill.jpg (36070 bytes) Like a wave of energy, these little racers crest the first jump with determination.  
2003-nenat-umbrelladave.jpg (43158 bytes) Dave, we knew there was a chance of it being a hot sunny weekend, but could you leave the umbrella at the beach next time?
2003-nenat-dave.jpg (44866 bytes) That's more like it, Dave...
2003-nenat-down.jpg (49227 bytes) OK, no one likes to talk about it, but once and a while it does happen...
2003-nenat-rockpaper.jpg (34481 bytes) Clayton, are you playing "rock-paper-scissors" AGAIN
2003-nenat-maybenexttime.jpg (60119 bytes) Better luck next time, Clayton - maybe when you win he'll let YOU announce!
2003-nenat-offgate.jpg (39821 bytes) Oh, back to racing!
2003-nenat-pedalhard.jpg (53949 bytes) This one is going to be a photo finish for second, third, and fourth, if they stay like this!
2003-nenat-riders.jpg (53172 bytes) It's not over 'till it's over!
2003-nenat-downtotheline.jpg (50394 bytes) And like most races, it always comes down to the very end, so keep on peddling!
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