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champ2002-fans.jpg (12624 bytes) Everyone looks to the gate for the great competition to come! (9/21/02)
champ2002-fans2.jpg (16902 bytes) Looks like the day is winding down...  (9/21/02)
7-27-02state-hithere.jpg (35490 bytes) Think he saw the camera? (posted 8/31/02)
littlewatcher.jpg (38537 bytes) "So...when can I race??" (posted 8/2/01)
mosquitos.jpg (57605 bytes) "Enough already with all these bugs!" (posted 8/2/01)
watchingtheaction.jpg (91121 bytes) A good view of the first stretch. (posted 8/2/01)
futureracers.jpg (37007 bytes) Future racers, perhaps???!!!
undercanopy.jpg (85511 bytes) Looks like the canopy was a good idea today! 
lineup.jpg (41585 bytes) Best seats in the house! 
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