Track Construction Pictures...


Our track recently underwent major changes, thanks to the ABA track construction team and track volunteers.  Bill and Billy from the ABA did an awesome job with redesigning and reconstructing our track.  And rumor has it Billy will be back in town for the national!    

For an idea of the track layout, checkout our track map page!

 Just click on any picture for a closer look!


headon.jpg (35557 bytes) bringiton.jpg (38515 bytes) dumpingdirt.jpg (58526 bytes) goodlookingdirt.jpg (21829 bytes)
Big truck...lots of dirt.... Bring it on, baby! And they kept the piles so neat! Now that's some good lookin' dirt!
canyouguess.jpg (33304 bytes) bigwheelbarrow.jpg (33055 bytes) ridingoffintosunset.jpg (46779 bytes) firstturnconstruction.jpg (22603 bytes)
Can you guess how many? So much for wheel barrows! Kind of like riding into the sunset??!! What a burm looks like before it's a burm...
billy.jpg (25914 bytes) newtrackprebilly.jpg (24435 bytes) camerashy.jpg (59712 bytes) peanutgallery.jpg (23268 bytes)
This is our new best friend, Billy, track builder extraordinaire. (Temporarily imported from ABA headquarters in Arizona!)  Our new track, pre-Billy. Camera shy?? And of course, the peanut gallery....
precision.jpg (56503 bytes) firstturnconstruction.jpg (22603 bytes) firststretch.jpg (16356 bytes) firstcorner.jpg (32426 bytes)
All it takes is a little precision and a lot of talent... Before.... and after! Now there's some potential for speed!
wheelie.jpg (13194 bytes) stepupgone.jpg (35304 bytes) facelift.jpg (46462 bytes) closeup.jpg (40244 bytes)
Put Billy on a bike and he'd have no problem! Remember the step-up...well, it's kind of gone now! The second turn needed a bit of a face-lift.   Give it a little height while your at it...
howbig.jpg (50759 bytes) secondturnfinished.jpg (41849 bytes) bigtires.jpg (50671 bytes) thirdcornermounds.jpg (12405 bytes)
Just in case you were wondering just how tall that corner was... The almost finished product. Good thing for those big tires! You've gotta start somewhere!
gettinmoredirt.jpg (33744 bytes) makingthirdcorner.jpg (53227 bytes) thirdcornerfinished.jpg (25961 bytes) middleleveled.jpg (53893 bytes)
Billy heads to get more dirt... That bucket blade does wonders... And the finished product... What happened to the last corner?
nolaststretch.jpg (40252 bytes) startingover.jpg (21830 bytes) fourthcornermounds.jpg (18530 bytes) bigpile.jpg (29044 bytes)
And where's the finish line! Moving on to the last corner... This looks familiar! And we ask ourselves, "what exactly is too big?"
rollersteproller.jpg (47354 bytes) intraining.jpg (46682 bytes) endoftheday.jpg (19126 bytes) breaktime.jpg (28010 bytes)
The height of the pile in the last picture turned into length... Never too young to start never know where the next track builder will come from... Billy(left) and Al take a moment to admire the new track!  Great job, Billy! "OK, who wants to take a spin in the bucket loader?"
a-stagingconst.jpg (45202 bytes) a-staging.jpg (36826 bytes) a-tires.jpg (37073 bytes) a-gate.jpg (29392 bytes)
Technology is a great thing.... Staging looks a little empty! And you thought tires only had one purpose.... Same name, new great place!
a-first.jpg (19492 bytes) a-firstcorner.jpg (18888 bytes) a-trick.jpg (20828 bytes) a-tripple.jpg (24305 bytes)
View from the starting hill... Whip right through the first corner... the table top and around the second corner... the triples...
a-thirdgreat.jpg (21817 bytes) a-thirdcornerarea.jpg (27128 bytes) a-rythym.jpg (34182 bytes) a-laststretch.jpg (23312 bytes)
...and on to the third corner... ...into the great potential for jumping! Wait...let's take a closer look at that jump! Around the last corner to the finish line!
a-viewfromscoringpacking.jpg (23991 bytes) a-finish.jpg (23792 bytes) a-announcingtower.jpg (53109 bytes) a-cat.jpg (23399 bytes)
The view from scoring! The start and close, yet so far away! OK, is it just me, or does the announcing tower look smaller than last year? Who's the "CAT in the hat?"
a-hurryup.jpg (47756 bytes) a-jaws.jpg (24791 bytes) a-planning.jpg (35462 bytes) a-quickspin.jpg (28883 bytes)
"Hurry up and take the picture before Chris sees me!!!!" I feel like the theme from "JAWS" should be playing here.   "OK, if I get a good gate start, I can beat my competition to the first jump..." "Slowly take your hand off the wheel, Al..."