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Whip City BMX was deeply saddened to say goodbye to a longtime friend on May 10, 2006, when Mick Lauber passed away.  Mick spent many years of Friday nights and Saturdays with us at the track, watching over the first turn as a corner marshal.  Among many other things, Mick leaves Whip City BMX with a legacy of good memories, flip flops in the coldest of weather, and a watchful eye over turn one.  Mick will always remain part of our BMX family.

In 2007, we were faced with another loss when Danny Pighetti passed away on Sunday, June 17th.  Danny had been co-owner of Whip City BMX and Custom Cycle bike shop with his brother, Al.  Danny leaves fond memories of  BMX races and a lifetime of laughs and BMX roadtrips.  He will be missed by us all. 

Bob keeps it nice and orderly in staging! (taken 5/13/05)
Nobody messes with Bob's flow in staging!  He does a great job keeping the kids in line, ready for their race! (5/13/05)
Hey guys, doesn't it feel like we were just here? (5/13/05)
Thanks to the specialized tent, our riders can make some last minute repairs to their bikes! (June, 2004)
Alright buster, stop right there....(May, 2004)
scf-2003-b-dan.jpg (28800 bytes) A quick smile for the camera, then it's back to business...(9/20/03)
scf-2003-b-jack.jpg (5503 bytes) Helmet on for safety! (9/20/03)
scf-2003-b-linda.jpg (13820 bytes) Looks like Linda is practicing for Mick's job! (9/20/03)
scf-2003-b-safewatch.jpg (17917 bytes) Keeping a close eye on things... (9/20/03)
scf-2003-b-scott.jpg (14599 bytes) Is that a smile I see?? (9/20/03)
scf-2003-b-sue.jpg (12901 bytes) Hi Sue! (9/20/03)
scf-2003-b-watching.jpg (8116 bytes) Ready at a moment's notice...(9/20/03)
scf-2003-b-sherry.jpg (5512 bytes) Sherry, I think you may need to take the lens cap off first....(9/20/03)
scf-2003-bobby.jpg (44330 bytes) You're number 1 in our book, Bobby! (9/20/03)
scf-2003-broombrigade.jpg (47589 bytes) The broom brigade...(9/20/03)
scf-2003-george.jpg (20949 bytes) George, what happened to all the mosquitoes?? (9/20/03)
scf-2003-scottandal.jpg (33164 bytes) Hey, you with the broom....keep the dust down......(9/20/03)
scf-2003-scottandal2.jpg (23585 bytes) Just one run through the puddle...please, please, please!!!  (9/20/03)
7-23-03mic.jpg (31974 bytes) What happened to my bale of hay??  (7/25/03)
7-25-03-shybob.jpg (40827 bytes) Aw, common Bob!  Don't be shy!  (7/25/03)
champ2002-bob.jpg (54955 bytes) Stager Bob makes sure that the staging area remains orderly and efficient.  (9/21/02)
champ2002-donnaandscott.jpg (16926 bytes)'s not time to go yet!!!!  (9/21/02)
champ2002-mikejoe.jpg (31486 bytes) "Quick's the moto's on the gate!"  (9/21/02)
7-27-02state-allen-steve.jpg (53474 bytes) "Get your own bike, Dad!" (7/27/02)
7-27-02state-announcer.jpg (20100 bytes) We know you wanted to take the camera on the track with you, but we've go it under control, Mike! (7/27/02) 
7-27-02state-announcerhogan.jpg (16421 bytes) Mike, how about putting a microphone in your helmet, so you can announce while you race!? (7/27/02) 
7-27-02state-puppy.jpg (38654 bytes) Just hold him for a minute, dad, you'll see how cute he is! (7/27/02) 
7-27-02state-rockabyebaby.jpg (17942 bytes) Is it nap time? (7/27/02)
8-10-02dan.jpg (6667 bytes) If you think its cold now, wait 'til the end of September! (5/2002)
8-10-02scott.jpg (10088 bytes) "Has anyone seen an ATV with a Mr. C. Ron on it? (5/2002)
rfl-al-karen.jpg (27955 bytes) Just like old times...(6/2002)
statechamp01-officialbusiness.jpg (33124 bytes) A Cape Cod BMX official and Whip City BMX official get ready for the excitement of the 2001 state championship! (posted 11/25/01)
state3-01-4some.jpg (47467 bytes) These lovely ladies at the "goodies" stand do a great job! (posted 9/30/01)
state2-01-mike.jpg (35558 bytes) Our announcer, Mike always has a busy day at the races...aside from announcing, he is our main photographer who is responsible for most of the pictures on this website!  Thanks Mike!!!!  (posted 8/30/01)
gatestarter.jpg (22686 bytes) Our gate starter keeps a watchful eye on the races!
keepingwatch.jpg (83004 bytes) Our EMT has some help today!
stagerchange.jpg (65937 bytes) "Hey where you're spraying that!"
nicehat.jpg (33377 bytes) Nice hat!
50-50.jpg (95175 bytes) It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it!
somethinginteresting.jpg (98564 bytes) There must be something interesting going on down there!!!
cornermarshall.jpg (47525 bytes) One of our corner marshals keeps an eye on the racers on the track.  
trackdirector.jpg (38616 bytes) Some people water their lawns, we water our dirt.  
staging.jpg (401536 bytes) Bob and his helpers keep things in order in staging.
staging2.jpg (257248 bytes) A look at staging from the riders' side.
wateringthetrack.jpg (169820 bytes) With all of our awesome racers ripping it up on the track, our EMT Roger keeps the dust out of everyone's eyes by "watering the track."
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