The New England Nationals

"Build it, and they will come."  That's exactly what happened during the weekend of May 3-5, 2002 at the New England Nationals at Whip City BMX.  "They" came from all over the country -  Washington, California, Texas, Minnesota, Tennessee, Arizona, and  Pennsylvania, just to name a few states.  And Massachusetts wasn't too far to travel for some of the ABA Pro riders, including racers from England and Australia!  We were pleased to see a lot of our local riders tearing it up with racers from all over the country.  If you were at the track at any point during the weekend, you had the chance to experience the sheer energy of an ABA national event, which words cannot describe.  Cars, trucks, campers, team trailers, vendors, moms, dads, sponsors, ABA staff, Whip City BMX staff, and racing fans filled the fairgrounds all weekend, and the ABA staff put on a show that will be remembered in this area for years to come.  

Thursday's rain was no match for the track (although I'm sure that the plastic sheets put on the track before the rain moved into town had a little to do with keeping it in great shape for the weekend's events!)  The weekend started out with windy weather for Friday's race, but by Saturday the wind had turned into a cooling breeze for the hot action on the track.  Competition was fierce throughout the entire weekend, with many of our local riders mixing it up with the national competition - some of our "locals" even took home the prized first place trophy, standing at 6 feet tall.  Congratulations to all riders for a job well done!

The ABA staff did an outstanding job, as always (Thanks, guys and gals!).  Even the president of the ABA, Clayton John was seen bouncing around from job to job all weekend.  He was spotted in the registration trailer registering riders, not to mention his work at the finish line with handing out award tickets and helping out with transferring racers into the mains!   The ABA did an awesome job at the national, and we hope they will be back real soon for a repeat performance!  Let them know how you liked the New England Nationals! (The email addresses to ABA staff are on the ABA website under the "Inside ABA drop-down menu."

The local riders weren't the only ones who were busy learning the new ABA system first hand - many of our track officials were able to shadow the ABA staff to see the new registration and scoring systems in motion.  And the Whip City staff is so excited about the ABA that some of them acquired new ABA licenses this weekend  - you might see your Whip City track officials out there on bikes right along side you!!

If you didn't get a chance to check out the national in person, don't worry, we took plenty of pictures for you! And although the buzz of the national is part of the past now, there is still an awesome new track at Whip City BMX, so come out and show us your stuff this Friday!



n-.jpg (22481 bytes) This "BMX girl" wastes no time in catching some air off the first jump!
n-12.jpg (12898 bytes) Taking it easy after the finish line..
n-125.jpg (25206 bytes) Warming up in practice...
n-1plate.jpg (24832 bytes) There's a plate to be proud of!
n-3.jpg (9829 bytes) Pedal to the end!
n-aironfirstjump.jpg (25660 bytes) Don't move too far over, either way!
n-aliciaongate.jpg (35165 bytes) Alicia gets ready for the gate cadence...
n-allanzongate.jpg (18509 bytes) Allan was one of the many A Pros that competed in the weekend's events.
n-almostthere.jpg (25484 bytes) Who needs training wheels!?
n-bigair.jpg (30078 bytes) The next series of pictures are awesome action shots of riders catching air around the track.  
n-bigair2.jpg (16147 bytes)
n-bigair3.jpg (38124 bytes)
n-bigair4.jpg (31934 bytes)
n-bigair5.jpg (35287 bytes)
n-bigair6.jpg (27513 bytes)
n-bigair7.jpg (26199 bytes)
n-bigair8.jpg (33899 bytes)
n-bmxair8.jpg (50701 bytes)
n-bmxgirl.jpg (23959 bytes) Whip City BMX saw a lot of great competition from the lady riders all weekend!
n-bubba.jpg (8484 bytes) Bubba is formally introduced to Whip City BMX right before his race.  
n-bubba-n-dirt.jpg (29431 bytes) Hey Bubba...what are 'ya doing in the dirt?
n-closeone.jpg (25989 bytes) It's a good thing Jen (the ABA national scorer) is so good at her job!
n-closeoverfirstjump.jpg (32022 bytes) Don't let the size of these racers fool you...they were competing like the Pros!
n-cresting.jpg (41840 bytes) This one's going to be another close one!
n-cruiser.jpg (29214 bytes) Some of the cruiser riders finishing their moto...
n-cruiserdudes.jpg (28442 bytes) Big bikes, big speed!
n-determined.jpg (10893 bytes) I can just feel his determination!
n-dinkydude.jpg (33133 bytes) These two pictures prove it's never too early to get them on a bike!
n-dinkydudes.jpg (13836 bytes)
n-dontlookdirectly.jpg (11491 bytes) Now that's a bright bike!

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