The 2002 Picnic was a day of food, fun, and awards.  The picnic wrapped up an exciting season, and every rider who raced during the 2002 season did an awesome job! (Page 1 of 2 Picnic Photos)
pic2002-abastickers.jpg (56237 bytes) That's what it's all about...
pic2002-where'swaldo.jpg (36476 bytes) We were thinking of submitting this to the "Where's Waldo" books...
pic2002-adrian.jpg (14186 bytes) Adrian kicks back and enjoys the picnic...
pic2002-balisefam.jpg (22962 bytes) "Can I take the bike for a spin, dad??"
pic2002-foodtable.jpg (35909 bytes) Lunch included everything from Pizza to Potato Salad, to much, much more!
pic2002-scott.jpg (36236 bytes)
pic2002-cake.jpg (34939 bytes) And who could pass up desert!!!
pic2002-gottcha!.jpg (22424 bytes) "I want to be as close as I can, so when they call my name I don't have to go very far..."
pic2002allen.jpg (16427 bytes) Allen gets a new high points sweatshirt he can show off at school. 
pic2002-kid.jpg (37703 bytes) They are even fast off the track!
pic2002-kids.jpg (18195 bytes) This looks like a sprint to get his award!
pic2002-lookok.jpg (21046 bytes) "Let me get this dab of mustard before I get on stage!"
pic2002-amanda.jpg (35335 bytes) Great job, Amanda!
pic2002-amber.jpg (37337 bytes) Amber and her beau have a great view for the awards ceremony! 
pic2002-handoff.jpg (29108 bytes) This will come in handy for the cold nights of racing!
pic2002-joe.jpg (16091 bytes) Joe heads up to collect his award. 
pic2002-award.jpg (21794 bytes) Great job!
pic2002-alicia.jpg (33950 bytes) Alicia scopes out the prizes for parents.
pic2002-table2.jpg (37420 bytes) Thanks to all of our sponsors, there were plenty of prizes for the kids to win!
pic2002-alittlehelp.jpg (31247 bytes) Allen gets a little help from dad...
pic2002-niceshirt.jpg (14442 bytes) Take your pick!
pic2002-choosing.jpg (19012 bytes) Let's see what we have here...
pic2002-danmattjack.jpg (31772 bytes) Jack checks out the accessories for his bike next year...(looks like those stickers are calling to him!)
pic2002-deodorant.jpg (36190 bytes) It was just a matter of time before those started to go like hotcakes!
pic2002-iwon.jpg (22795 bytes) So many things to choose from!
pic2002-thedecision.jpg (35374 bytes) Mom is checking out the ABA patches for her coat....
pic2002-poster.jpg (20308 bytes) This will go great in my room!
pic2002-posterpic.jpg (27736 bytes) The posters were a hot interior-design prize for the kids!
pic2002-pleaseletmewin.jpg (19637 bytes) "Please pull my number, please pull my number...there's only one snow brush left, for goodness sake PULL MY NUMBER!"
pic2002-snowbrush.jpg (11917 bytes) Better watch out Mike...Sherri may want to speak with you privately if you take the last snow brush!
pic2002-hopeful.jpg (15404 bytes) And I don't think Sherri was the only one wishing her number gets called!
pic2002-somanyprizes.jpg (28310 bytes) "Are you sure I can only have one??!!"
PIC2002-ANDREW.jpg (23407 bytes) Andrew Balise poses for a quick picture.
pic2002-bestbuds.jpg (13673 bytes) "Sue, will you please pull my number so I can get one of those cool squirt bottles??"
pic2002-bf.jpg (24212 bytes) So when are you going to start racing??
pic2002-bluehair.jpg (10216 bytes) Is that your natural color?

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Updated 10/20/02